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Dr. Alex Avila

The Three Laws of The Invincible Mind: The First Law: Turning Pain Into Power


Life is difficult. People let us down, circumstances go against us, even our own minds attack us with doubts, self-criticism, and worries. But, what if we could transform our pain into power, and become psychologically invincible? What if we could live with the fullest excellence–the most ecstatic joy, riches, love, and creativity–we could ever imagine?

Now, you can live to your fullest potential by developing The Invincible Mind: a mind that is fearless, brilliant, compassionate, peaceful, and loving. For over 20 years I have integrated Eastern mind/body wisdom with modern Positive Psychology to create a new science of ecstatic living–The Invincible Mind. This new approach to human mind and spirit is the middle path that integrates both our positive and negative natures and activates our hidden powers canada goose parka damen so we can achieve unsurpassed excellence in our relationships, finances, health, and personal happiness.

To master The Invincible Mind you need to learn three laws, or immutable principles. The first one is known as Emotional Transmutation: Turning pain into power.

All of us suffer from emotional pain from time to time. It is inevitable that we will sometimes feel sadness, disappointment, worry, and regretfulness, as well as other hurtful emotions. The key is what we do with that pain.

Normally, there are two common ways that people deal with their emotional pain.

One, we suffer from it. We have a relationship break up, for example, and we mope around the house and withdraw from our friends. It hurts, and we just feel down.

Two, we try to distract ourselves from the pain. We eat some chocolate chip ice cream, watch television, have a drink. Unfortunately, this momentary respite doesn’t last very long, and we’re soon back to our sadness.

The third way to deal with pain–a much less common, but infinitely more effective approach–is to transmute, or change, the pain into something more cgparkashop beneficial, meaningful, and life-affirming. Instead of labeling the sensation as “pain,” we call it something else: an energy, force, or power that we can use for our own good, growth, and talent. Used rightly, pain can be a “genius,” because it helps us break old unworkable patterns, develop our creativity, canada goose sale and become truly authentic and powerful human beings.

Say, for instance, that your lover has left you. At that very moment, you can decide to fully and consciously experience the sensation (without the pain label). You can describe what it looks and feels like: dark, heavy, sharp and so forth. But, most importantly, you see it as a power you can use for your own benefit and growth: To turn you into a more caring person, to help you better identify a compatible mate, to give you skills for overcoming adversity. With this new mindset, the pain–which may have been at a 95 intensity level (out of 100)–has now come down a notch, maybe to 75 or 80. The more you do this, the more the pain will diminish, and the more you will be able to transform the previously feared pain sensations into your own personal power.

Here’s a pain change technique that can work michaelhandtasche wonders: Fast-Forward Time Travel.

It works like this: Let’s say you just had a fight with your boss–you can’t stand this overbearing tyrant, and you really dislike the job you’re doing. You’re feeling angry, disappointed, and defeated.

Now, visualize the way you will be in five years–with a new job you love and surrounded by people you respect and admire. From this future perspective, come back and look at yourself the way you are now. You realize that you may be suffering now, but you will soon change your situation: you will develop skills, resources, and allies that will move you toward your ideal, happy work destination. Suddenly, the pain you are feeling in the present will start to diminish, and you will feel lighter, freer, and more hopeful. You have seen the future, and the future is now.

Remember, this is just a small taste of The Invincible Mindset, and all of the great things you can accomplish when you harness the power of “pain” into a immensely strong emotional workhorse that will take you anywhere you want to go.

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