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Dr. Alex Avila

The 3 Pillars of Invincibility: Develop Unstoppable Personal Power and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams


Have you ever wondered why some people get all the luck? A few lucky people seem to always excel in their careers, relationships, finances, and personal health and happiness, while the rest of humanity struggle along–having good days and bad days, canada goose jacke herren feeling up, then going back down. Is there a way to overcome your daily obstacles and be happy and successful in life on a consistently high level?

Yes, there is, if you apply the principles of the new science canada goose jacke damen of personal power and psychological invincibility called Power Psychology.

Power Psychology is an integration of Eastern mind-body disciplines with modern positive psychology. The premise of Power Psychology is that it’s not enough simply to cure our anxieties and depressions to get to a “normal” state. The goal of human life is to tap into our hidden, extraordinary talents, or DONs (universe-given abilities) and develop a force field of love, compassion, and power. This emotional and psychological force field makes us immune from the ups and downs of life, and gives us a state of personal invincibility–a winning mentality that propels us toward lasting success and joy.

Here are the 3 Pillars of Invincibility. Apply them to your life on a daily basis, and your relationships, finances, health, and personal happiness will be at their highest level of consistent excellence.

PILLAR ONE: TRANSFORM PAIN INTO POWER AND FAILURE INTO FIRE: Here is a very simple secret for ultimate success in life: Instead of suffering from your pain, use your pain to end your suffering. In other words, think of an emotional pain–from a rejection or so-called failure–as a form of antibody, or vaccine, that you can inject yourself with to make yourself stronger and immune from that same type of pain in the future. Each time you suffer from canada goose outlet an emotional wound (for example you partner left you), focus on being consciously aware of that pain. See it as a color, a weight, a form, that you are converting into raw energy for your own strength and power. When you do this, the pain now takes on a positive value as a sense of meaning or learning that you canada goose kinder can use to skyrocket your personal effectiveness from this day onward.

PILLAR TWO: DEVELOP THE LUCKY WAY: ATTRACT WEALTH, LOVE, AND SUCCESS INTO YOUR LIFE: Luck is not something you’re born with. It is something you can make or create. Studies with lucky people (in love, finances, personal health and happiness) have found that they possess similar characteristics, as compared with unlucky people. One common trait is that lucky people are always looking for new opportunities to connect and learn. For example, they may start conversations with strangers at a movie line. Who knows? thinks the lucky person. That stranger could one day become a friend, associate, business partner, or even a life partner. The new acquaintance may offer the lucky person invaluable advice, wisdom, resources, and connections. Unlucky people, on the other hand, often say to themselves “I don’t want to get involved; I don’t have time.” They’re afraid of rejection, boredom, or wasting their time. As a result, they miss out on many great opportunities to learn, connect, and grow, and above all, to “get lucky.”

PILLAR THREE: EXTEND LOVING ENERGY WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS: Love is considered the greatest power of all, yet, many people misuse this power. They try to acquire it, hoard it, and control it, and then feel lonely and rejected when they don’t feel they have enough love. The secret of love power is simple: the more you give away, without expectations, the more you receive in return. Smile at the waiter, help a little old lady cross the street; give a sandwich to a homeless person. Give valuable advice or help to a loved one, friend, or stranger. Visualize yourself breathing out loving energy to people all around you. As you circulate your positive loving energy, you will begin to build your own emotional resources; you will grow your compassion, kindness, goodwill, and patience. You will also increase your intellectual resources: creativity, analytical thinking, and good decision-making. In time, you will construct a powerful force field of loving energy that attracts all the love you need in your personal relationships, and fills you with a marvelous sense of joy and peace.

Yes, it is possible to become emotionally invincible–to be immune from the attacks of life and the negativity of your own thoughts. Apply the 3 Pillars of Invincibility in your daily life, and you will achieve your wildest dreams. If you happen to be in the LA area on June 9th, you can come to my free talk on this very topic: Unlimited Personal Power: How to Be Invincible and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams: http://www.meetup.com/UNLIMITED-PERSONAL-POWER-ACHIEVE-YOUR-WILDEST-DREAMS/